Frequently asked questions

How do I register?

Step One: Have a look at all the classes we have to offer. You can find these on the main page, under week one, week two, week three headings! Step Two: You can select each class as you look at them and add them to your cart or you can go back to the “Register” heading and see all of the classes to select. Step Three: If any of the classes need supply kits, make sure you add them to your cart, you’ll be reminded to do that before you’re able to add it to your cart. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the kit as an item you “might be interested in” Step Four: Have a look at your cart and compare it to the “Buy More, Save More” icon at the top of every page. MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE COUPON CODE AT CHECKOUT! This will save you up to 40% on your registration. Confirm your payment and you’re done!

How do the discounts listed on the “Buy More, Save More” icon work?

The discount codes listed on the Buy More, Save More icon are there to save you money, and who doesn’t love that? Here are the different discounts: When your cart reaches more than $150, use the code SUMMERFUN10 to receive 10% off the price of the courses you registered for. When your cart reaches more than $250, use the code SUMMERFUN20 to receive 20% off the price of the courses you registered for. When your cart reaches more than $350, use the code SUMMERFUN30 to receive 30% off the price of the courses you registered for. When your cart reaches more than $500, use the code SUMMERFUN40 to receive 40% off the price of the courses you registered for. Before you confirm your payment, you’ll see the discount is deducted from the price of your course only. These discounts do not apply to the price of kits or passes.

Why can’t I use the discount codes on passes?

The cost of the All Access Pass or the Family All Access Pass are already deeply discounted – especially the Family All Access Pass! The value of the Family All Access Pass is over $3500, so you don’t need a code for that one!

What happens if a class gets cancelled?

Should a class be cancelled, a full refund for that session will be issued or participant can be moved to a different session if that is preferred!

Can I cancel my registration?

If you can provide us with two weeks notice via e-mail, we can cancel your registration and fully refund you. Send your email to jubecamp@albertajubileesociety.ca

What if I missed a class that I registered for?

If the participant can be moved to a new session they will be accommodated, although no refunds will be offered for missed sessions.

Does the price of registration include materials and supplies?

No, if your class requires a kit, you’ll have to purchase that separately.

How do I get my kits?

If you live in the Calgary or Edmonton area, we’ll arrange a contactless, curbside pickup for you at either the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium (Edmonton) or the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium (Calgary). If you live outside those areas, we can arrange shipping – please contact us at jubecamp@albertajubileesociety.ca. The exception to this is the Special Effects Make-Up class, these kits will be purchased directly through Don’s Hobby Shop in Calgary. You’ll receive more information upon registration.

I have the supplies that I need at home - do I need to buy a kit?

There are a few classes that the kits are mandatory for participation, these include: SFX Make-Up Puppetpalooza Magic Set Design Hand Sewing Fibre Arts Robot Creation If you have a huge stock of paint (acrylic and watercolor), canvases, brushes etc at home, you can use what you have, but make sure you have everything on the supply list! We want to make sure every student is using the same materials as the instructors!

Will the videos from these classes be available after the class?

Nope! They are live classes!

How can you ensure my child’s safety and privacy while using Zoom?

We will be making sure that every participant of the Zoom Meeting is someone who is registered for the course. No participant will be admitted into the Zoom Meeting without cross referencing the registration list. The links to the Zoom Meeting will only be shared with registrants of the class, the facilitator and arist. They will not be publicly posted. We will provide a document ahead of time, outlining the etiquette and safety policies for the Zoom Meeting. You will be asked to sign a media release waiver at checkout, if you choose not to sign it, that’s OK – we'll make sure that your child’s video is turned off when any photos are taken. All recordings of the classes are for documentation purposes and will be only available to the Camp Administrator. If you have any further questions, please contact us at jubecamp@albertajubileesociety.ca Still need help? Feel free to contact us at 403-297-8000 or send us an email at jubecamp@albertajubileesociety.ca You can also reach out using Facebook Messenger! Search Jube School and you’ll find us!

What if my wifi freezes and I can’t get back on?

Go back to the orignal link (in your emai) and sign into the Zoom session. The Jube School administrator will let you back into the class and we will do our best to catch them up with the project when they sign back on. If you can’t sign-on we will do our best to accommodate participant into a new class or give instructions/steps on the project.

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